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Virtual Speech Therapy

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What is virtual speech therapy?

Virtual Speech Therapy or Teletherapy is a practice that has been a component of the field of speech therapy for over 15 years, however in the last couple of years it has gained a wider mainstream presence.

Virtual Speech Therapy is a live session between your child and the Speech Therapist on a safe and secure platform. It is designed to ensure your child is not simply staring at a screen for the length of their session. Whether your child is working on speech-sound skills, language skills or an assessment, activities are selected to ensure they are fun and engaging for your child. The only difference between in-person therapy and virtual speech therapy is that you will be connecting from the comfort of your own home, and I will be using technology to ensure your child receives the best possible Speech  Therapy. Virtual Speech Therapy  does not need to compete with your busy schedule or require travel, you can connect at your scheduled convenience regardless of the weather or your location.


At CommuniKate, I support and guide the speech and language development of children. I create an individualized plan to achieve success in a fun, engaging and effective manner.


At CommuniKate, remaining current on best practice and a reliance on my 16 years’ experience as a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, allows me to offer effective and efficient intervention to support your child’s communication needs.

Key Of Success

I understand that every child’s needs and learning styles are different. New skills are acquired faster in play-based activities when children are engaged. Our targeted skill-based teaching within enjoyable, reinforcing activities is the foundation of our success.