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Common Questions

What qualifications do you have as a Speech Therapist?

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and my Master of Science degree in Human Communication Disorders both from Dalhousie University. I have worked with children for 16 years as a Speech Therapist. I have continued to learn and grow as a Speech Therapist by continuing my professional learning, researching, and accepting special projects, ensuring I stay current and knowledgeable.

What do I need to participate in teletherapy?

You will need a stable internet connection on a computer, tablet, or iPad. A smartphone can be used, however the visuals presented may not be as effective due to the screen size. A quiet space with few distractors is also helpful. Headphones with a mic may help if a quiet space is hard to come by.

How long is a Speech Therapy session? How many sessions will be scheduled?

Speech Therapy sessions can be scheduled for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Younger children often benefit from a shorter 30-minute session. The number of sessions depends on the number of goals we are targeting, the progress your child can make within our visits, with homework and the complexity of the goals we are targeting.

How often will my child be scheduled for Speech Therapy?

Visits are scheduled based on the nature of the goals, availability of your child and preference of your family. These schedules may be more frequent initially as foundational skills are taught and reduced as progress is established.

Often families prefer to schedule visits weekly or once every 2 weeks.

What am I expected to do during and between sessions? Do you provide homework?

It is important to be available during our scheduled sessions to ensure they are signed on appropriately and encourage them to participate actively. Our sessions are designed to be fun and engaging and often children are eager to participate actively with minimal encouragement.

Homework is provided to support the continued development of our targeted skills between sessions. Materials are provided in a PDF format that can be viewed on a computer, tablet, iPad, or smartphone or printed.

Personalized Youtube videos can also be provided -a helpful reminder of the skills we are targeting and a model to follow.

Shorter, more frequent practice has been shown to support learning faster than longer, less frequent practice.

How long before I see results?

The number of sessions or amount of practice needed to see results depends on the nature of the difficulty. Skills are taught in steps, with support and prompting provided to ensure they are demonstrating movement towards their goals within the first intervention session.

What gains will I see with my child?

Speech therapy will offer support on your child’s speech sound and/or language development. Often in addition, gains will be seen with their social engagement, academic performance and confidence. Targeting the development of speech sounds, prelinguistic skills and language will result in academic gains; improvements in reading, writing and oral communication.

I am worried my child will not attend to virtual sessions.What strategies are available to support engagement.

CommuniKate focuses on creating a fun and engaging session. Developing lessons at your child’s level allows them to build confidence and see their own growth. A reinforcer schedule is established with your child to ensure they know they are working towards an activity they enjoy. Games, fun graphics, silly but effective prompts and enthusiastic praise will all support your child’s engagement with our visit. I have been working for 16 years with children on all manner of goals and have developed a very energetic, engaging, and effective intervention style that keeps children wanting to participate.

My child attends school and has several extracurricular activities. Does CommuniKate offer flexible scheduling?

CommuniKate offers early evening sessions, Monday through Thursday or Saturday mornings. Sessions do not have to be scheduled at a consistent time but rather can be scheduled around your family’s activities.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments are accepted via etransfer. Receipts are provided for all visits which can be submitted to your insurance plan and/or claimed as a medical expense on your personal tax return. CommuniKate offers direct billing for clients of Blue Cross.

Will my insurance cover our visits?

Many insurance companies and plans offer coverage for speech therapy. Often a portion of the cost of each visit up to an annual maximum is offered. A quick call to your provider will answer specific questions about your plan. CommuniKate offers direct billing for clients of Blue Cross.

Where are you located?

CommuniKate is located just outside of St. Stephen, New Brunswick but offer services via Zoom for Health throughout New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.